New Websites Created in March 2014 Class

Please post a link to the website that you created for this class below. Feel free to add some comments to let us know more about your website too!


Michael Kula’s WordPress

This is a website I will use during Final Exams.  I have included a contact page which might be helpful for a parent.  I have also included a Twitter Feed so everyone (kids, parents, and other teachers) is on the same page for what is due and when.  I teach two preps, so there is a page for each prep.  Kids will click on that subject and get to a page with links to the Chapters that we have covered.  I have also included a past exam study guide.  I did not have the Chem Study Guide (it is at school), so is used an old Physical Science Exam Study Guide.  As part of the  Final Exam Study Guide students are assigned a question and make a video clip that correctly answers that question.  A link to that video clip will be posted by me to make the days of review a little more interesting than me just lecturing the answers to the study guide.  It is also a good way to get absent what they missed.  My building is starting comprehensive final exams to prep kids for the End of Course Exams the state will start giving, so In June kids will have a comprehensive final.  I plan on keeping the links up, so kids can review the First Semester outside of class.  I do not have those video clips now, so I just found a YouTube video about exams/stu

Website from Bev Beckert

Hello Laura,

Attached is the assignment for the class entitled “Creating an Educational Blog or a Website with WordPress.” It’s a simple site that could serve the basic needs of a classroom teacher. You’ll note that there are sample assignments under the Students’ tab. As we discussed, for future development, separate websites would need to be created for each grade under the Classroom Blog tab.

Thanks for your help!