A note from Julie

Dear Laura,

Please check back on Friday, July 19th, by 6 p.m.





2 thoughts on “A note from Julie

  1. Laura B.

    Julie, your website looks very impressive! The graphics and layout that you chose looks very professional. You’ve included a lot of useful information. I can tell that you worked very hard after class was over! You really learned a lot during this course. Since you chose the “pass/fail” option for this course, I’m submitting your grade as “pass”. However, I want you know that in my mind you definitely earned an “A”! Thank you so much for taking this class with me. I hope that you enjoy using this website with your students and their parents!

    1. jketterer2013 Post author

      Dear Laura,
      Thank you for your comments. I felt great after reading them; I do want you to know that I had much of the material that I used for the various menus already prepared — for example, the tutoring contract, the PowerPoint on research. Over my seven years as English Language Arts tutor at Beaumont, I have developed some standard documents that I present to the students at the beginning of the different quarters.

      I have been in the habit of choosing “pass/fail” for a couple of courses in the past few years. I wasn’t sure how easily I would master the material for this class on web sites. I have also been having work done in my kitchen; I think the concern with that, and not knowing how much time I could devote to the project, led to my decision to go with “pass/fail.”

      Thank you again for the individualized attention you gave me, as well as the time you took to answer my frantic e-mails about losing the website.

      I am very excited about presenting this site to my students when I return to school later this summer.



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