Mrs. G. Class

This was a great class!  I desire to use it to inspire and motivate my students.  The class was very informative and enjoyable.  It allowed me to utilize my creative powers. 🙂  I can’t wait to plug in and learn more as this year progresses.



2 thoughts on “Mrs. G. Class

  1. Laura B.

    Celeste, your website just looks outstanding! It’s laid out very well and I like the categories that you chose. I’m impressed that you figured out how to create and add the Voki. The use of the poll feature is also a great way to get kids coming to your website and you’ll have data from the poll to include in a math lesson if you choose. You truly learned a great deal in this course! I’m submitting your grade as “A” for awesome! Thank you for taking another class with me!


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