New Websites Created in March 2014 Class

Please post a link to the website that you created for this class below. Feel free to add some comments to let us know more about your website too!


5 thoughts on “New Websites Created in March 2014 Class

  1. cremington

    Hi Laura,
    Here’s my website. Thank you for sharing your WordPress expertise with all of us! As always, your instruction was extremely helpful.I look forward to using this website to keep parents informed of what is going on in our class, and to provide students and their families with helpful resources. I also look forward to using it as a way to communicate with my students through weekly polls and interactive blogging, especially when I am out on maternity leave.
    Candace Remington

  2. kwachhaus

    Hello Laura,
    I finished the blog, wahoo! I think I spent more time trying to find the perfect theme. I would love to be able to change some of the balloon colors-more playtime ahead. My blog will definitely be something that I am going to use; add more categories to list lesson plans by grade level and post photo’s of my students working. So my site is more of sharing ideas with other art teachers. You will find the links, uploaded Word files, images, etc. throughout the blog and pages. I hope you enjoy!

    Kelley Wachhaus


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